Why the US Military called Dr. Prasad The Father of Micronutrition

The US Military wanted to know if Dr. Prasad could create a micronutrient supplement capable of protecting our military personnel and enhancing their performance from the inside out.  As the foremost expert on micronutrients with 26 books and over 250 published peer reviewed articles, Dr. Prasad had a simple answer – yes.

Unmatched Research Validation

After five years of work generating 14 clinical studies, receiving 7 patents, as well as research agreements with NASA, the Army and Navy at a total cost of $24+million Military Micronutrient Formula (now known as Micro Daily) was born.

The Next Big Breakthrough:  The Perfect Combination - Micro Daily with CBD

  • To stay at the forefront of Micronutritional Science, Dr. Prasad is constantly conducting research and expanding his expertise on micronutrients.  In 2018 alone, he published 4 scientific papers and the definitive book on Micronutrition – Micronutrients in Health and Disease. 

  • When Congress legalized CBD in 2018, Dr. Prasad wanted to learn what CBD was all about.  What he discovered exceeded his wildest expectations.

Micro Daily Plus CBD – New Product for people struggling with their Health

Dr. Prasad discovered that by adding CBD to Micronutrients the body’s two primary inflammation fighting systems can be activated at the same time!

Micro Daily Plus CBD is the only product that activates these two sytems:

The Antioxidant System – Micronutrients activate this system to fight inflammation and oxidative stress at the cellular level.

The Endocannabinoid System – CBD activates this system to fight inflammation at the neurological level.