Micro Daily is the result of a combination of the right antioxidant micronutrients in the proper quantities, using specific natural biologic forms. This groundbreaking formulation lays the foundation for our proprietary CQF standard, combination, quality, and form—the components necessary to ensure accuracy in unlocking the body’s full potential by maximizing absorption and delivering maximum results.


With over $24 million dollars in public and private research spent to validate Micro Daily’s efficacy, it has no rival. The research included 14 scientific studies and 7 human clinical trials. Four functional patents and 3 formulation patents later, Micro Daily is well protected as the world’s most advanced and effective micronutrient supplement.



The following outlines the additional research that either directly or indirectly contributed to the creation of Micro Daily.

Animal Studies Supporting Product Development

  1. Murine radiation model; Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

  2. Rabbit radiation model; NASA, Russian Academy of Sciences

  3. Sheep radiation model; NASA, Russian academy of Sciences

  4. Fruit fly (genetically altered) radiation model; Ames Research Center, NASA

  5. Murine hyperbaric oxygen model; Naval Medical Research Center

  6. Rodent overpressure blast model; Naval Medical Research Center

  7. Rodent Parkinson’s disease model; Meharry Medical College

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements

  1. Space Act Agreement - NASA. “Development of a Successful Protection Formula Against Radiation-Induced Oxidative Injury in Vulnerable Populations.”

  2. US Navy CRADA – NMRC-06-2338 “Investigations into the Efficacy of an Antioxidant- containing Micronutrient Formulation for the Treatment of Hearing Loss and Balance Disorders Associated with Blast Injuries.”

  3. US Navy CRADA – NMRC-06-2383 “The Effects of Antioxidant Supplementation to Protect Against Cold at High Altitude.”

  4. US Army CRADA – W81XWH-07-0321 “Efficacy of Multiple Antioxidants in Reducing Damage Produced by Mustard Gas.”

  5. US Army CRADA – W91YTZ-10-P-0773 “Evaluation of the Effects of Micronutrients in Combination with Standard Therapy in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes.”